Quick Guide to School Forms

School Forms

Student doing paperwork

Looking for school forms to plug into your school? We got you covered!

We created a collection of FREE school forms for schools just like yours to use. Our collection of forms for schools is based upon surveying our customers to find out which forms they use most. We wanted to make sure we knew which school forms were most helpful, so we could create the school forms to give away for free!

No hidden pricing, no tricks.. Just school forms for you to download for free and use in your school for things like parent permission, nurse visits, tardy slips, and so much more. We even have them available for you as both PDF and Word format.

Why did we decide to give away our school forms? Because we love helping schools and school administrators by making their jobs easier. We wanted to give back to our educators and make sure they had as much in their arsenal as possible to provide great service their families.

But wait, we haven’t even told you the best part… These forms can be used in the Script platform to digitize school forms in your school. Digitize a paper based school form into an electronic school form in just a few clicks.

What does digitizing a school form mean? It means no more pushing paperwork through mailboxes in your school or district. Your old paper forms now become electronic forms that can collect information for you, and provide amazing insights from the data you collect. Turning them into electronic school forms also enables you to keep all the information backed up to the cloud so they never get lost. Access your school forms from anywhere you’d like, whether your mobile phone when you’re on the go or a laptop while you’re on vacation. But hey, we’d recommend you focus on having fun while you’re on your vacation!

Script’s platform has made converting school forms into electronic forms super easy. All it takes is uploading the form into our system, placing boxes where the fields on your form are, then selecting who the form is routed to within your school. It’s that easy. We worked in schools, so we designed our platform with school administrators in mind. Whether you work for a small school or a large district – Script has you covered.

Contact us today to setup a demo to see how we can start saving paper and make your job easier! Our team is ready to help launch your school into the next level, setup your demo today.