Schools and Forms go together like PB&J.

Although they are the backbone of every school, are your forms being used to their full potential? Front offices have filing cabinets filled to the brim so they have this information at their fingertips when they need it. For years file cabinets filled with forms for schools has been the way things work due to ensure compliance and access to information.

While they are stored on site, the information in these school forms is rarely used to its fullest potential. The forms usually sit unused in these cabinets until the end of the school year when they are just moved off site to storage. This huge gold mine of information is not being used to gather the insights that it could if it were stored electronically.

The big question is, what could be done with the information in these school forms? That’s where we come in. Digitize your school forms and start gaining valuable insights such as injury report rate by school, parent approval rate by class, absence rate by grade/class/school, etc.

That’s why we created our gallery of forms for schools like yours. Visit to get started and see how Script can help your school improve its processes.