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Digital Student Enrollment

No more back and forth with parents and forms. Add in your required parent forms, and trigger notifications to alert the right people on your team. Track parents as they move through the process and watch the applications roll in.

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We know there are many moving parts when it comes to student enrollment. Several departments all need specific information and the experience needs to be simple and straightforward for parents and guardians. With Script its not one size fits all, you can fully customize your enrollment process exactly how you need it.

  • Track Parents Application Process
  • Script multiple Parent forms together
  • Trigger custom notifications to all stakeholders
  • Built for K12 Schools and Districts

Move Past Paperwork with Script

Book a personalized walk-through of the Script platform. We’ll show you how our platform helps your district become more efficient, stay compliant, save time, and improve staff happiness.

  • Comprehensive feature overview
  • Pricing and technical details
  • School Efficiency Assessment
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