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Welcome to a clean desk and peace of mind. Script allows you to digitize your district paperwork and access your data when you need it.

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School paperwork and document management has never been easier. Script empowers Administrators to bring all your district paperwork online for filing, organizing, and digitally signing. Tracking down a specific form and asking for updates is a thing of the past. Save time and money by taking all your school district’s forms online.

  • Unlimited E-Signatures
  • Instantly access all your district data
  • Track Revisions
  • Built for K12 Education


Stop overpaying for document signing. Script comes with unlimited E-Signatures for everyone in your district. The days of using software built for a different industry is over. Script is built for educators they way they want it…Unlimited

Drag and Drop

Paper Form Builder

Already have forms you currently use and your staff is already familiar with? Perfect! Upload your current PDF’s and use our drag and drop builder to make them fillable. Collecting the right data with validation has never been simpler.

Peace of Mind

Document Retention and Management

Have an entire room dedicated to filing cabinets and paper? We’ve been there. Script allows you to set form-specific data transfers back to your district’s servers for retention compliance and redundancy.

Move Past Paperwork with Script

Book a personalized walk-through of the Script platform. We’ll show you how our platform helps your district become more efficient, stay compliant, save time, and improve staff happiness!

  • Comprehensive feature overview
  • Pricing and technical details
  • School Efficiency Assessment
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