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Your District depends on everything running smoothly and on time. No more lost paperwork and no more tracking people down to approve forms. With Script, every form, task, and approval is routed to the correct department in seconds.

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Improve your District efficiency by standardizing your processes for each and every department. Gain insight into bottlenecks and send users friendly reminders to help get work done. Ditch the filing cabinets that are crowding your offices and run reports from data that was previously trapped in paper.

  • Simple Drag and Drop Workflow Builder
  • Custom Triggered Emails
  • Automatically Route Data to the Cloud or Your District Servers
  • Built for K12 Schools and Districts
  • Easy Custom Integration
Easy to Use

Drag and Drop Workflow Builder

We know that not all schools operate the same way. That’s why we believe school software should not be one size fits all. Build out your exact process the way you want it with our drag and drop builder. Need an extra notification sent to Finance? You got it!


Custom Emails

Sometimes people don’t need the entire form, but rather specific information. Trigger custom emails with contextual information to the right people, at exactly the right time.


Export your Data

Script collects every data point from your forms and gives it to you the way you want it. Simply click your form, choose how you want your data, and voila!


Conditional Routing

Need to send some people down different workflow routes? Script can dynamically route your users down different paths depending on their information they provided to you. Speed up your processes by letting Script automate exactly what each user needs.

conditional routing

Move Past Paperwork with Script

Book a personalized walk-through of the Script platform. We’ll show you how our platform helps your district become more efficient, stay compliant, save time, and improve staff happiness.

  • Comprehensive feature overview
  • Pricing and technical details
  • School Efficiency Assessment
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