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7 Classroom Items You Need to Create a Fun, Unique Classroom

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Where do students learn best? The answer is simple: in a comfortable classroom.

As a teacher, you can make your space functional, welcoming, and cozy for your students to thrive.

These features should also make your job easier by better organizing and preparing your teaching materials.

Here are 7 of the best classroom items to make your space the most effective for learning and teaching.

1. Absentee Wall

Missing a day or more of school is stressful for students. Upon their return, they feel like they missed so much that getting back on track seems impossible.

As a teacher, you want to help without taking all of your time to gather and explain missing assignments.

One classroom must-have is an absentee board with all of the assignments from the week and explanations of missing topics.

2. Reading Nook

Independent reading builds stronger reading skills and even makes it more enjoyable altogether. A library of books should be on the list of essential teacher supplies for a comfortable reading nook that gives students access to self-learning.

It also shows them that they can choose to read what they are interested in without any pressure. Plus, it can be a stress-relieving activity during a free period.

3. Color-coded Areas

Teachers need color-coded areas for each subject or activity to help make learning more engaging. It can help students know where to go upon instruction and even assist with the cleanup time.

Try keeping supplies such as the paint tools in one area, and then the books in another to help ensure things stay accounted for and in good condition.

4. Welcome Packets

New students already feel out of place and overwhelmed. Make them feel included and ready to learn with a welcoming packet!

Include an overview of previous assignments and topics you have covered. Also, have a list of their classmates’ names and some fun facts to get to know them better.

5. Subject Bins

Storage bins are must-have teacher supplies. From big bins that will store toys or equipment to small bins for paper and markers, they can help keep you better organized.

Label each bin per subject. You can even color-code them so they stay in the right area.

6. Online Form Library

Sometimes students forget papers at school that they need for homework. Include a digital library to give the students or parents access to documents at home.

You can upload consent and permission forms as well so parents can complete them online. No need to worry about lost paperwork anymore!

7. Display of Student Work

Don’t forget to showcase your students’ work in the classroom. They work hard and should feel proud and empowered by their accomplishments.

Make a billboard to show artwork or projects. Students can add items to the board when they feel especially proud of their work.

Preparing Your Classroom Items

Set up your classroom items well before the first day of school so that you aren’t pressured during the semester. You might not have time to add these items during the school year once grading and teaching take over your time.

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