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Top 5 Field Trip Destinations Students Will Always Remember!

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Field trips are starting to get way cooler compared to when you and I went to school. Parents are pushing their kids to travel more and willing to pay for a trip for a memorable and interactive experience.

We have spoken to a lot of schools about their field trips and here are some of the most common and interesting trips we find really interesting. As a teacher, we hope this gives you some ideas to bring to your administrator for next school year!

1) Washington DC

By far the most common field trip we see from schools is a trip to our nation’s Capitol. Plenty of museums to explore. In the National Mall you are walking distance to plenty of museums that can cover any educational standard. Teachers can plan a day checking out the Newseum for a history of journalism which will cover tons of subjects. Students will also get to play with interactive technology such as a Twitter room that shows live tweets on large screens. After hitting up some museums, there are plenty of monuments to check out. We highly recommend the Jefferson Memorial, especially during springtime as it’s surrounded by cherry blossoms. Everyone wants to visit the Washington and Lincoln memorials, but the Jefferson Memorial holds a special place in its beautiful scenery. Finally, you can’t take kids to DC without taking them to Capitol Hill or the White House. Never know, may be able to wave hello to some pretty important politicians!

Washington, DC

2) Kennedy Space Center, Orlando

A very common dream a lot of us had when we were a kid was to be an astronaut. As an adult, I still can’t tell what would be the first step in becoming one besides to YouTube the International Space Station and see how they wash their hands. Still, we want our future generation to dream just as a big as we did. The Kennedy Space Center is incredibly interactive by providing simulated journeys and recaps of previous missions. Easily fulfill any science standard and expand the kid’s mind to hopefully one day visit Mars! Teacher of the year award will be earned if you can plan this field trip around a rocket launch and provide an experience no child will ever forget.

Kennedy Space Center

3) Silicon Valley, California

Not really what you would’ve thought to see on this list, but we are seeing a large trend every year for schools to push entrepreneurship and technology at a younger age. What better way to promote innovation still exists in the modern era than a whole town of the best tech companies in the world? You could plan a day trip and see amazing, beautiful, interactive campuses such as Google, Facebook, Apple, or even Stanford. A field trip to a couple of these campuses, and you will be paving the way for creativity for future Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg’s early on.

Silicon Valley: Google Campus

4) The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Did you know the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere is in the city which Coca-Cola was invented? That’s right, there’s an aquarium with whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays and a 6.3 million gallon tank! You can easily spend a whole day here and have kids learning and interacting with tons of animals. Going through the Home Depot tank will definitely have the kids be in awe and deeply think about their day. The Georgia Aquarium are experts with kids coming in for field trips. They can provide school programming, camps, entertainment, food and more at the convenience of the school. If you are going to go to an aquarium, go big!

Georgia Aquarium: Whale Shark Tank

5) Grand Canyon, Arizona

Finally, we needed to throw a trip that students can be one with nature. We thought Grand Canyon has to be on this list no matter what. Photos don’t do justice to what will be experienced in person. Over the years, there have been a lot of developments at Grand Canyon and it’s easier to access the Horseshoe Bend and enjoy the Grand Canyon Village. Brush up on your geology and teach students about the layers of red rock telling telling us millions of years worth of stories. 

Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon

There you go! Five destination field trips that with proper planning and easy organizing with Script, you can take your class and create memories and teach! Be sure to check out how we can help streamline the whole field trip process from the organizing, pricing, administrator approval to parents signing permission slips and paying instantly!