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Automate Your District Processes in Minutes

process workflow

Do you find yourself losing track of all the paper forms traveling throughout your district? Traditionally routing your district’s processes using paper forms can be extremely frustrating. Processes needing multiple levels of approval can take days or even weeks to be completed when paper is physically changing hands between departments, that is if they aren’t lost, misplaced, incorrectly routed or incorrectly completed, which can cause the whole process to start over from scratch once again.

With all of these apparent issues costing time and money each year, many school districts throughout the country are looking for a solution that will allow them to automate these processes in such a way that will increase efficiency and create a complete line of sight into every step of the process from beginning to end. This sounds great, but automating all of your district processes sounds like a difficult job. Well, with Script’s user-friendly workflow automation tool, you may be surprised.

Script – A Workflow for District Processes

process workflow

Above is what we call a Script. A Script is essentially a workflow for your district’s processes. This Script, in particular, is used to automate a facility rental process. As you can see, the process starts with the initiator, or the first person in the process, filling out the digital form. Once the form is submitted, it is routed to the appropriate manager based on the facility they had requested for approval. If approval is granted, the process is completed by notifying the district’s entire facilities team that an event has been approved, and all submission information from this process is collected and stored for administrators to view at any time.

Building Your Script

Building your Script is easy and only takes a few minutes. Scripts are fully customizable, and all you have to do to make it conform to your specific district processes is to select the necessary steps.

edit a workflow

As you can see in the video above, adding steps to your Script is as simple as clicking a few buttons. To edit a Script, just click the “Add Step” button, select the step you wish to add and enter the routing information of who should complete the step. Do this to create as many different steps and combinations as you need to make the Script conform to your specific process. Once you are done, save your Script. That’s it! An entire district process automated in just a few minutes.