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Data and Metrics: Powering the Performance of School Districts

school district data and metrics


No one knows better than school districts that knowledge is power. Perhaps the most influential feature of the Scripts Business Process Management system is that it empowers school districts to customize, collect, and discover data and metrics. Scripts BPM is the tool school districts can use to capture relevant data and significantly increase district-wide performance.


Scripts BPM automatically collects data and metrics, and can be implemented to identify and remove unnecessary steps and processes that lead to slowdowns and allow upper-level management to concentrate on strategy and organization (BPM) without worrying about specific deadlines.


Perhaps the most impactful capacity of this Scripts BPM function to collect data/metrics is that it is completely customizable to the needs of each school district. Scripts data collection functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • tracking progress
  • assessing performance
  • generating custom reports
  • keeping records of previous processes
  • creating repeatable processes
  • viewing reports on the app or downloaded to a reconcilable CSV such as Excel, and more.


The process of data collection and reporting enables school districts to pinpoint specific functional, operational, or management practices that are not being used or are used incorrectly or simply need to be adjusted.

School districts can collect information on whatever they want. This data can be analyzed and used for continuous improvement. For example, school districts using Scripts have generated reports to include data on student/staff injuries at each of their buildings, or to determine the efficiency of departments within different buildings and locations, or to track forms through their processes to detect hold-ups and assure timely completion.


Collecting data and metrics leads to knowledge, efficiency, and making better decisions. Scripts BPM automated data/metrics tool allows school staff, teachers, parents, and district administrators to gain a better understanding of areas that can be streamlined, improved upon, eliminated or confirming top-notch results.


Scripts BPM automated, fully customizable data collection function not only adds a powerful tool to a school’s toolbox, but increases the ability to significantly improve the performance of their school districts.