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What is School Process Automation?

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Enterprise level businesses have been using automated workflows for years to cut costs, increase efficiency and stay organized.  Now with tools like Script, schools can take advantage of automation software to achieve the same results for their administrators, teachers, and parents.  Paper processes such as leave requests, purchase orders and parent fees can all be uploaded online and automated to be sent out to the correct parties for approval in seconds. This will save not only thousands of dollars on paper and ink, but hours of paperwork for each employee involved.  So, let’s go through the three steps of workflow automation to see how to transform your school completely paperless in just a few minutes.

Upload Your Forms

The first step in automating your school processes is digitizing your paper forms. Simply upload your PDF form, chose the fields you need filled out, and save.  In just a few minutes, a form that would have been printed out hundreds or thousands of times is completely digital, secure, and organized within a network of forms available to yourself and whomever else you wish to make it available to.  

Create a Workflow

Once your forms are digital, the next step toward workflow automation is creating a workflow. A workflow is a series of steps that you create for your digital forms to follow from beginning to end to complete a specific goal.  For example, if a teacher needed multiple levels of approval to organize an activity for their students, the workflow would start at the teacher, travel up through each level of approval (ex: assistant principal, principal, superintendent) and then return to the teacher with all of the approvals (or rejections), signatures, memos, and anything else that the teacher included in the design.  


Once your workflow is set up, the last thing you must do is automate.  Look over your workflow and make sure all steps A through Z are correct and in order.  If everything looks right, the entire workflow can now be automated and run all the way through with just the click of a button. No more confusion about where you are in the approval process. No more tracking people down for approvals.  No more lost paperwork. Just click, send, and receive feedback once the process is complete.

Automated workflows have the ability to save schools thousands of dollars in supplies and hours of wasted faculty time each year.  Why should big businesses be the only ones taking advantage of this technology? With Script, schools can start cutting costs and increasing efficiency right now!


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