Taking A Look At The Top Classroom Tech Innovations For 2020

classroom tech innovations

Technology has improved many facets of modern life. Classroom tech innovations are an excellent example of how it’s also improved education.

Of course, learning how to use new tech can be intimidating for some teachers, especially trying to use this technology in an innovative way. The key is for educators to be brave – they need to embrace failure, but learn how to fail productively!

There is a learning curve to fitting technology into a curriculum; however, going paperless through technology is a great eco-friendly model for students that the school system needs to adopt. To find out how you can incorporate the latest technology and start going paperless, check out some of the software listed below.

Tracking Participation

There’s nothing more difficult than figuring out if all of your students are participating adequately in class. Thankfully, there is now an app for that.

Equity Maps allows teachers to map out their seating arrangement and list the number of participants. Then, the app records which participants talk for how long. It will count how many times each participant speaks, analyzes the data by individual and group, and even offers gender equity statistics.

New Ways to Communicate

Equity Maps isn’t the only app transforming how students can communicate in the classroom. YoTeach! provides a chat forum for students to discuss and share as well.

This private forum can even incorporate pictures and drawings. It allows students to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas while also practicing their writing and multimedia skills.

A Digital Queue

Students raising their hands is so last millennium. Instead, apps like ClassroomQ can help teachers keep track of who is waiting to speak and who has already spoken.

This app provides teachers with another easy way to monitor student equity. All students have to do is visit the website, enter the classroom code, and hit the “assistance needed” button. They can also add an optional comment for extra clarity or to share an idea.

VR for Project-Based Learning

What better way is there to make a classroom more engaging than to incorporate virtual reality into it? Google has a Tour Creator platform that is perfect for a project-based learning activity.

This platform allows anyone to create a virtual tour of anywhere. There is so much potential to incorporate this into a curriculum. Of course, you need VR technology, but Google Cardboard can transform any smartphone into a VR capable device.

New Writing Tools

Who needs to spend hours and hours of time (usually off the clock) tediously grading papers anymore? Give students a voice, choice, and ownership over their work by allowing them to use writing tools like ProWritingAid, Hemingway, or Grammarly.

These free apps allow students to just copy and paste their work into the text box. The software will analyze the quality of the writing sample and give the student detailed results. This feedback is essential to student growth and understanding. It’s also empowering that they can do it on their own.

More Classroom Tech Innovations

Classroom tech innovations aren’t limited to this list. Depending on your need, you can most likely find an app or software to help streamline it. The best part of educational technology is its convenience, giving teachers more precious time to spend with students and improve their practice.

To find out how automation and going paperless can improve things at your school, don’t hesitate to book a demo with us.