Middle School Leave Request

Set the Script ????

Create custom scripts for each process at your district using pre-built workflow steps. Combine approvals, your PDF forms, electronic signatures, notifications, and payments with custom routes to specific departments, staff, or parents. With Script, you can finally go paperless and automate any process at your district and schools!

Unlimited E-Signatures built for Education ✍️

Digital Signature

Unlike others, Script is specifically designed for education with Administrators in mind. No matter what new initiative is going on at your district, Script is there to make sure it runs smoothly. This is why Script provides schools and districts with unlimited:


  • • E-Signatures
  • • Forms
  • • Scripts
  • • Tracking
  • • Reporting
  • • Users




School Forms

Use your forms ????

Do you have a lot of existing forms? Don’t worry, they’ll be right at home. With Script, you can bring all your existing paper or PDF forms with you and have them backed up in a safe, secure, and easily accessible document management system. Upload your forms and when it’s time to use them, simply select the correct form, mark who fills in what, and send. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Script Users

You'll never have to ask for an update ever again ????

With Script, you now know where everyone is in every process. No more tracking staff members down and asking if they filed the correct paperwork. See everything that have done and everything they still need to do. You can even check in on their progress and send them a friendly reminder.

Script Metrics

Improve and increase efficiency ????

Script provides you with powerful and advanced data to help your district make the best data driven decisions.

School Automation
School Form Audit Trail

Reduce your risk, Standardize your processes ????️

Need to add an approval or add a new form as part of your process? Now, with the click of a button standardize your processes for all of your schools and departments to ensure total compliance…instantly.

Form Management

With Script, you can track, manage, and revise all of your forms and processes. With a complete audit trail, you can track the complete history making sure you are in the know at all times.

Your data, protected...Really protected ????


We believe your data should should be protected by the highest level of industry security and be accessible to you at all times. With Script, all forms and data can be stored on your district servers to live on premise and comply with your own retention policies. Don’t worry, you got this… Literally.

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